Bending Steel for Civil and
Renewable Infrastructure
Since 1940

Established in 1940, Steelite specializes in the construction and renewable energy sectors. Our team of professionals has executed major projects in 54 countries, even in challenging environments, delivering cost-effective solutions. Steelite has a robust track record of successful partnerships with government agencies and humanitarian organizations. We are your trusted partner for delivering large-scale infrastructure and renewable energy projects.









Engineering Production Construction

We provide end-to-end engineering, manufacturing, procurement, and construction services for civil infrastructure and renewable energy markets. having strategic partnerships with top global componies and professional Steelite delivers projects efficiently on deadlines.

Modular construction has emerged as an effective solution to mitigate risk, particularly on projects in remote or harsh-climate locations, facing limited availability of skilled workforce or extensive labour costs. Our EPC experience, and manufacturing capabilities with robust supply chain execute customized fully modular or pre-assembled project on site seamlessly.

Energy Division

Steelite is committed to providing a comprehensive renewable grid solution, harnessing solar, wind, tidal, and biomass energy to propel environment toward a net-zero future while curbing CO2 emissions sustainably.

Our Power Verticals

Ultimate Waste to Energy Solution

Forest and farm waste Used for producing.

to energy

The potential of hemp as a source of biomass energy is immense, and its adoption could help address many of the pressing environmental and economic challenges we face today.

Net Zero

  • Creating a Net Zero Environment
  • Easy installation & corrosion protection
  • Approved by leading international consultants
  • Fastest delivery times in the industry
  • Green energy solutions for a sustainable future

EV & Batteries

Battery demand is experiencing a 25% annual growth, driven largely by electric vehicles on land , air and water which comprise 60% of the battery market. For Steelite group EV and batteries are natural expansion after energy generation.

Electric Vehicles

Join the revolution in engineering! We’re crafting motorbikes and dirt bikes, scooters, Bicycle and drones for low maintenance and top mileage. Be part of the future of transportation!

CSR Activities

As a responsible manufacturer, we prioritize the interests of all stakeholders: customers, suppliers, and communities. Our CSR policy guides us in actively seeking opportunities to improve the environment and contribute to community well-being through social and environmental initiatives.


Steelite group must continuously strive innovating solutions to bring affordable energy to remote areas. Empowering underprivileged communities worldwide.

Chairman Steelite Group
Samir Shah